15 Easy Lessons

    1. Introduction

    2. 1: Why Video?

    3. 2: How Do I Succeed in Video?

    4. 3: What Videos Should I Make?

    1. 4: DIY vs Pro

    2. 5: How to shoot DIY videos?

    3. 6: How to Hire a Pro?

    1. 7: Where to Put My Videos?

    2. 8: How to Post Horizontal Videos?

    3. 9: How to Post Vertical Videos?

    4. 10: How to Create a Content Calendar?

    1. 11: Track and Adapt

    2. 12: Common Mistakes

    3. 13: Social Media Video Ideas

    4. 14: A.I. in Real Estate

Video For Real Estate Agents

  • $525.00
  • 15 lessons
  • 6 hours of video content

Easy Ways to Enroll

Tired of not knowing...

  • How to create a real estate video strategy?

  • What videos are important in real estate?

  • How to shoot real estate social content?

  • How to hire a pro?

  • Where to put my videos?

  • How to post my videos?

Designed Specifically for Real Estate Agents

  • Short Lessons

    Stay on top of your real estate game, even on-the-go! Our average lesson length of 30 minutes fits perfectly into your busy schedule.

  • No Fluff

    Every lesson is catered not to waste your time. Emphasizing key video tips and excluding non- relevant info for an agent's daily tasks.

  • So Many Ideas

    "I don't know what to film" Well in this course we will cover the many ways to always have to limitless ideas in your back pocket.

Philip Goode

Real Estate Video Coach

Meet Phil, the video coach for real estate agents! A filmmaker with a background in marketing and advertising, Phil has been a top-notch expert in the field of real estate video for the past 7 years. His company, Storymaker, has helped countless realtors level up their video game and make a splash in the competitive world of real estate.

“Phil is an extraordinary Video Coach who excels at capturing the true essence of one's character and possesses valuable video marketing knowledge that has significantly boosted my social media reach”

Aaron Masliansky | Dream Town Realty

“Phil was instrumental in getting me started with my social media presence and branding. He’s very in the know about the latest trends that are being pushed on social media and how to be creative in and integrate it into your brand in your own way. ”

Lauren Shimmon | Dream Town Realty

Free One on One Coaching session

Included for every student, is a free 30-minute consult.

  • $500 value

    Your instructor will help identify your video goals, your strengths, and a potential strategy to give your video marketing a quick launch.

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